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Finding great juniors is really hard, so that’s all we focus on.

Our founders are both self-taught programmers who’ve worked as juniors. We know what makes a great junior, and how to spot them. So, we make custom recommendations of candidates we think will be a great fit for your business.

Tired of dealing with
unqualified candidates?

We can make custom recommendations for your role based on the skills and experience of the person you’re looking for. All recommendations are vetted to ensure the candidate has experience building projects that will make them a great fit for you.

We show juniors why you're the perfect company to start their career.

We’ve built a profile that shows off why you’re a great company to work in for a junior. We allow you to build permanent roles that you’re always hiring for, so ambitious learners can ready themselves to work in your business.


Started by two
self-taught developers

CoderList was started by two self-taught developers who, after having a great experience working as juniors, wanted to help improve the junior hiring process.

We focus on
just juniors

We think the future of development is with self-taught, bootcamp and university grads filling the technology skills gap. So we focus on just juniors, because that's what we care, know and understand.

We'll find your next great junior hire.

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We've set our pricing so you get the most out of hiring a junior on CoderList. For more information contact sales below.