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Our story.

CoderList began when two best friends from University realised that their Art History degrees weren’t going to get them where they wanted to be.

After teaching themselves to code online, they both went on to work in enterprise software, before founding CoderList to help companies connect with the new wave of self-taught junior developers looking for their first roles.

Why self-taught?

Self-taught developers are people who have taken the initiative to teach themselves to code as a way to change their lives.

Many have done this while working full-time jobs or raising families. They are naturally independent, committed, and proven self-starters.

Why self-taught?

Find diverse

The barriers to entry for self-teaching are much lower than for the traditional routes into development, and that makes self-taught developers a much more diverse group of people.

1 in 4 of our candidates are women, and 1 in 3 come from BAME backgrounds.

With tonnes of
professional skills.

Many of our candidates are changing career later in life and bring with them a whole range of existing professional skills and experience.

We’ve worked with developers who have transitioned from backgrounds as diverse as classical music, banking, publishing, and horticulture.

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How it works.

Every coder has a purpose built profile used to track their history as a developer and display their personal projects. We use this to verify the quality of each candidate by assessing the actual code they've been writing.

You can let us know what you’re looking for in a developer, and we will make custom candidate recommendations which you can review from within your CoderList account.

When you decide to make a hire, we charge a flat rate placement fee, so you always know what to expect.


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