The Keystone

Show your best work in a way that demonstrates process, learning and growth.

What's it for?

As a junior developer, your personal projects are the number one thing an employer looks for when reviewing your candidacy for a job.

Your projects are the heart of who you are as a junior developer, and can say a lot about your interests, your commitment, your way of working, and your technical skill.

The Keystone Project on CoderList allows you to present your best work by highlighting the process you went through - proving you’ve got what it takes for your first role.

A project to impress.

Junior developers often lack a serious project that shows off their best work. The Keystone project is your chance to create something to impress.

Record your progress

An employer isn’t just interested in the finished product. They want to see the way that you think, overcome challenges, and learn and grow over time.

During the Keystone Project you will create a proposal and retrospective - this gives you the chance to talk about your plans for the project, and to review the experience and talk about the things you learned.

You will also provide daily status updates to talk about what you’ve been doing, and the challenges and successes you’ve had.

We display this alongside your commit history to create a real record of the project from start to finish.

Show off your code.

A Github repo isn’t the best way to show off your project. With your Keystone, you can select and annotate code samples to display the parts of your project you’re most proud of.

Demo your project from every angle

Include your proposal, retrospective, code samples and progress history alongside demo screenshots, all packaged together to make your project look the best it possibly can do.

Stand out
in the crowd

A Keystone project will also make you stand out as a candidate, meaning you’re more likely to be matched with an employer.

Project commitments

When you begin a Keystone Project, you must select the time period you wish to complete it in. Beyond that, however, when you work on your project is entirely up to you.

You will need to have a Github account, and be prepared to keep on top of your progress by submitting statuses and regularly committing to Git.

You should be committed to seeing the project through to the end and creating something that is your best possible work.


The Keystone Project is currently in development and will be available to begin soon. If you’re interested in completing a Keystone Project or would like more information, add yourself to the mailing list below to be kept up-to-date with developments.

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