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Terms & Conditions

1. Introduction

The terms outlined on this page constitute an agreement between CoderList Limited (hereby known as CoderList) and you.

CoderList Limited is an English company with a registered office at Kemp House, 152 City Road , London EC1V 2NX. The registered company number 11102400. CoderList is the owner of the website at https://www.coderlist.io (the Website), and of recruitment services provided by coderlist.io (the Service).

By reading these and agreeing to these terms you are stating that you are 1) Have read, understood and agree to be bound by the terms 2) That you are at least 18 years old 3) That in the case of a company/employer, you have the authority to commit the company/employer to the terms of this agreement. CoderList promises to comply with all laws applicable to an employment agency.

These terms may be updated at any time. If significant changes are made and you are a user of the site, you will be notified by email of the changes. For existing users of the site, the new terms will become effective 30 days after the publication of the new terms. For all new users the terms will become effective immediately. Employers not registered on the site who receive ongoing services from CoderList will be informed immediately in writing, with the new terms becoming effective after 30 days. As a user, either an Employer or Candidate, if you do not wish to abide by the new terms you should cease using the Website or Service. Continued use of either will constitute acceptance of the new terms.

2. Definitions

Candidate: any individual who registers on the Website as a ‘Coder’ rather than an employer.

Employer: any organisation registered as a ‘Company’ on the Website, individuals who registered as a ‘Company’, and any company not registered on the Website which receives the Service from CoderList.

Service: All and any activities relating to recruitment services between CoderList.io and any Employers and activities undertaken by Candidates on the Website.

Website: the website https://www.coderlist.io

User: either a Candidate or an Employer registered on the Website.

You: any user of the Website

Unique Link: A URL used to refer new Users of the Website that is unique to each User.

Referrer: The User who referred another User to sign up to the website using their Unique Link.

Referred User: A User who was referred by a Referrer.

Referral: The act of an individual becoming a User of the Website after following the Unique Link of a Referrer.

Referral Reward: The monetary amount payable to a Referrer when the conditions set out in clause 13.2 have been met.

Description of the Service

3.1 For Candidates

CoderList.io is an online social recruiting platform. It is intended for the social interaction of Candidates, and the presentation of Candidates as junior developers. Whether or not a Candidate wishes to be matched with an Employer is at the sole discretion of the Candidate. Registration and all services rendered to a candidate are free of charge.

3.2 For Employers

For Employers, CoderList provides recruiting services by connecting suitable Candidates with Employers seeking to fill a vacancy. This is the case whether you are registered on the Website or not. Registration and consultation are always free for Employers. A fee is only due on appointment of a Candidate.

4. Registration

By registering on the Website, you agree to provide accurate and truthful information. You also not to create an account using false information, or on the behalf of someone else. You must only have one account. You are responsible for ensuring compliance with these terms. If it is discovered that you are not abiding by the above terms, CoderList reserves the right to terminate your account.

4.1 Registration for Candidates

When registering, Candidates are required to submit information relevant to their suitability as Candidates. As Candidates confirm their desire to be matched with Employers, CoderList reserves the right to require additional information from the Candidate, request proof of identification, and to contact the Candidate directly by either phone or email where appropriate.

4.2 Registration for Employers

When registering as a company as an individual on the Website, you will be required to enter contact details and basic information about your identity. While registering a company under that user, you will be required to do the same in regards to the company. If receiving services without registering on the Website, CoderList will seek this information by other means. After registration, CoderList may seek additional information from the Employer regarding your organisation and vacancy that you are seeking to fill. When creating a company on the Website, you are confirming that you have the authority to do so, and we reserve the right to verify that you do have such authority. We reserve the right to accept or refuse your registration of a company.

5. Your commitments and obligations

You shall (1) use all content from other Users that you have access to in accordance with laws relating to the respect of privacy and the protection of personal data; (2) as an Employer, not disclose the identity of a Candidate outside of your own organisation (3) follow the following requirements in relation to the Content you submit to the website. Content includes any textual or graphic material that you submit to the website, either as part of your profile, or as a part of community activity.

5.1 Content

You agree to not:

We accept no responsibility or liability for Content submitted by users of the site, and accept no obligation to screen or monitor that content. We do, however, reserve the right to remove content if it violates any of the above conditions. If you believe content posted by another user of the Website is inappropriate and in violation of the above conditions, you may report it to CoderList using the contact form on the website.

5.2 Use of the Website

You agree:

6. The Recruitment Process

6.1 For Candidates

The decision as to whether a Candidate may be matched with an Employer is at the sole discretion of the Candidate. The Candidate is able to update their preference for this within the Candidate profile settings.

However, even if the Candidate has not signalled that they wish to be matched with employers, CoderList may at times send you communications enquiring as to your preferences and future desire to be matched with Employers.

If a you as a Candidate have declared that you do wish to be matched with job, we require that you reply to correspondence in a timely manner and act in a respectful way towards Employers at all times. All correspondence with an Employer must be carried out through CoderList.

6.2 For Employers

Employers may view the profiles of candidates who have stated that they wish to be matched with employers, and which CoderList has deemed relevant to the vacancy advertised by the Employer. An Employer may then request technical challenges to be carried out by the Candidate, or request interviews. The Employer agrees to conduct all communications exclusively through CoderList for the duration of the recruitment process.

7. Fees

7.1. The Candidate

There shall be no fee whatsoever for Candidates either when using the Website or accepting offers of employment from Employers. However, Candidates must inform CoderList immediately if they accept a job offer from an Employer. Similarly, if a Candidate ceases to be employed within 3 months of accepting a job offer, they must inform CoderList immediately.

7.2. The Employer

If you as an Employer extend a job offer to a candidate which is then accepted you must inform CoderList immediately. Responsibility lies with the Employer for carrying out all necessary checks on candidates, including verifying their right to work.

The Employer will liable for full payment of placement fees if within 12 months after being introduced through CoderList:

Fees must be paid to CoderList irrespective of whether a probationary period is required.

7.3. Payment of Fees

After a Candidate has accepted an offer, the Employer must pay a flat rate placement fee of £3500 to CoderList within 30 days.

If the Candidate ceases to be employed by the Employer within 3 months from the commencement of the contract, the Employer may apply to CoderList for a replacement candidate at no additional cost, providing either:


If an additional candidate can not be found within 45 days of the request being made, the Employer may apply to CoderList for a full refund, providing:

7.4. Damages

An Employer who bypasses CoderList to hire a Candidate who has been found through the Service provided by CoderList must, in addition to the regular fixed placement fee, pay an additional fee of £1500 to CoderList.

An Employer will be considered to have bypassed CoderList if they have neglected to inform CoderList of the hire with 14 days from either the commencement of employment, or the date on which the Candidates contract was signed.

7.5. Payment

When a fee becomes payable, CoderList will be entitled to submit an invoice. An Employer must pay the total sum of the invoice with 30 days by bank transfer.

7.6. Invoicing

Any dissatisfaction on the part of the Employer in regards to an invoice must be sent to CoderList in writing within 14 days of the date of the invoice. If no such letter is received, you will be considered to have accepted the invoice.

8. Third party content

The Website allows users to add links to third party content and websites. Their publication on the Website in no way implies that CoderList approves of these sites, and you are solely responsible for using them.

9. Confidentiality

9.1. Account Details

The User agrees to keep his/her account details (username and password) secret and to only use them to log in to the site themself.

9.2. Data

All personal information submitted by the User to CoderList are exclusively for user registration and the management of the commercial relationship between CoderList and the User. This information will never be made available to a third party other than by government or judicial authority. Users who have access to the information of other Users agree to keep it secret and not divulge it outside of their organisation, in the case of an Employer.

10. Exclusion of Liability

We, CoderList, do not guarantee that a Candidate will find a job, nor that an Employer will find a Candidate. We also cannot guarantee that a Candidate will be suitable for a vacancy nor that an Employer will be suitable for a Candidate. We also disclaim all liability in connection with the Website or Services for any economic loss, loss of data or loss of reputation to the maximum extent allowed by law.

11. Suspension/Termination

If a User is in breach of these Terms, CoderList reserves the right to suspend or terminate use of the Website and the Service at its sole discretion and without notice.

If you, the User, wish to terminate your account on the Website, you must contact us using the contact form on the Website. If you wish to terminate Services, you must write to us at our registered company address.

Termination of your account may result in a loss of content, for which CoderList accepts no responsibility.

12. Publicity

CoderList may use the name and company logo of any Employer registered on the Website or in receipt of the Service in marketing and publicity communications.

13. Referrals (candidates only)

Users of the Website may refer individuals to become a User of the Website using their Unique Link in accordance with the conditions set out in clause 13.1. Users referred in this way are considered Referred Users of the Referrer. If a Referred User secures employment in accordance with the conditions set out in clause 13.2, then a Referral Reward is paid to the Referrer.

13.1 Conditions of referral

An existing User is only considered a Referrer if a new User signs up for the Website after arriving at the Website by following the Unique Link of the existing User. Any kind of recommendation or introduction to the Website that does not involve use of the Unique Link is not considered a Referral. To be considered a Referred User, the new User must sign up to the Website directly after following the existing User’s Unique Link. If they exit the Website and return at a later date to sign up it will not be considered a Referral.

If an existing User believes they have made a Referral, but the new User they believe they have referred has not been registered as a Referred User in their account on the Website, the new User must email info@coderlist.io from the email address they used to sign up to the Website and quote the Unique Link of the existing User within 48 hours of the time that the new User became a User of the Website. If this is not done within 48 hours then the new User will not be considered a Referred User of the existing User.

13.2 Referral Rewards

A Referrer is due a Referral Reward so long as the following conditions have been met:

13.3 Payment

Once your first Referral Reward is due, you will be requested to provide bank account details of the account you would like your Referral Reward to be paid into. From that period on, any Referral Rewards on your account will be paid at the end of each calendar month.

The standard Referral Reward rate is £150. CoderList may at times either raise or lower this rate for fixed or extended periods of time. When calculating Referral Rewards, the rate that was advertised at the time the referral took place will be used, irrespective of the current rate of the Referral Reward.

Users wishing to see the current Referral Reward rate should visit /referrals when logged in to their account.

13.4 Promotion restrictions and obligations

When sharing a Unique Link, certain forms of promotion are prohibited. For example, promotion commonly referred to as "spamming" is unacceptable. You must also comply with all legal restrictions on unsolicited commercial marketing emails, and must not at any point be seen to harass or pressure someone into signing up with your link.

If you are found to have broken these promotion restrictions, CoderList reserve the right to terminate your ability to refer users. You will not receive any further Referral Rewards if your account is terminated due to such unacceptable advertising, promotion or solicitation.

13.5 Termination

We reserve the right to remove your ability to refer other coders at any time at our sole discretion. You will still receive rewards for Referrals already made, unless termination was due to a breach of the terms of this agreement.

13. General

These Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales and any dispute with be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

© CoderList Limited 2020

Registered company number: 11102400