CoderList Tracks

The path to your first
junior developer job.

What is a track?

People learning to code often pick languages that are trendy, rather than those that are in demand with employers.

On CoderList we see people with the aptitude and talent to become great developers, but they’re missing the right set of skills to make them truly employable.

CoderList Tracks are designed to take people that can already code, and skill them up in the areas that will help them get a job.

Who are they for?

We’re passionate about giving self-taught developers the same opportunities as everyone else. If you’re a self-taught coder working towards your first job, Tracks will help you get there.

How does it work?

Once you’ve filled out your CoderList profile and are ready to be verified we’ll go through your profile and see if there’s a Track suitable for you. If so we’ll invite you to your new community, give you a curriculum to start learning and away you go.

When you’re on a track you’ll have access to a community of people learning the same subjects as you and a weekly community meeting with a mentor who will answer any questions you might have.

Once you’ve finished your curriculum you’ll do a keystone project to show off your new skills. Someone from CoderList will mark your submission, giving you feedback and deciding if you’re ready to connect with employers.

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